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One of the best prenatal classes available! This 5-week course is easy and low-cost. You will learn helpful techniques to assist you with the preganancy experience. Some techniques include breathing, relaxation, visualisation, affirmation, self-hypnosis, and all the essential skills for a smooth pregnancy and birthing experience.

The next session will begin in April  2017 and run for 5 weeks.

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I often ask my clients, “What food are you feeding your mind? What are you saying to yourself? Are you facing roadblocks or hurdles?” Together we discuss your answers to these questions and explore your options for self-improvement.


A HypnoBirthing mother learns to embrace her body’s innate knowledge of birthing, to relax into her birthing process, working with her body and her baby. She trusts that each knows how to do its job. She wants this experience to unfold naturally without interruption. In doing this, she eliminates fatigue and shortens her birthing time. The result is a truly rewarding and satisfying birth experience, with the entire family, including the baby, being awake, alert and calm, yet energized.

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The SleepTalk for children process is about developing a child’s emotional resilience – the mind’s firewall. Created and taught by Joane Goulding for over 35 years. Taking only 3-4 minutes each evening while the child is asleep, the Goulding SleepTalk process helps all children to be happy and deal with their world & assists parents with behaviour management. It is simple and easy to use. It suits children of all ages from gifted to the talented and the challenged.

YES! I would recommend this course, it is very informative for everybody. I am very excited for labour, not scared. This is all good information. Also, the relaxation techniques are very beneficial throughout pregnancy and helps daily. I was very comfortable in asking questions and never felt judged. 

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HypnoBirthing Course

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I was pregnant with my 3rd child when I heard about hypnobirthing. Upon googling it I, fortunately, came across Inner Serenity Wellness. First of all, Maureen was so accommodating as I was already 33 weeks pregnant. Maureen’s classes, information, and relaxation tips were wonderful.


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